Gifts for Baby- Newborn to 12 months- Unisex

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unisex gifts for Newborn to One year.

Gifts for Newborn Babies rn Baby. Parents sometimes do not wish to know the sex of the baby, therefore neutral colors work very well. Here are some perfect gifts:

1. Baby Bodysuits: Bodysuits are the quintessential newborn clothing item. The snaps at the bottom make diaper changes much quicker and easier. Infants can never have too many clothes. I prefer the white bodysuit, rather your baby is the little princess or the little prince white is a neutral color that both can wear.

2. Nursery Bedding: One thing is certain nursery bedding is essential for cribs of bassinets and it can be quite expensive therefore it makes the perfect gift. As far as unisex colors, from white and Grey- stripes, to neutral green stars. Try to find out if the babies room is going to be traditional or contemporary. Classic, gender-nuetral styles include solid colors, dots, and pinstripes. The more modern varieties include Grey and white clouds, geometric shapes, and the alphabet print. If you choose this as a gift you may want to provide two sets plus a same color diaper changing pad.

3. Swaddles and Blankets: A newborn baby can not have enough of these, they keep baby warm and cozy. Another plus is that when mom and dad have plenty they can skip baby laundry for a change and do some of their own. Gifts for the 6- month old Babies

At this age the baby is starting to grow and begin to develop motor skills. Toys are appropriate gifts to help at this age. Some ones that I had when my son was 6 months were as follows:

1. Fisher-Price snap lock beads- good for developing fine motor skills. Fine motor skills involve the coordination and use of very small muscles such as the ones in your babies hands and wrist.

2. Discover My Busy Town Activity Cube- good for developing gross motor skills. Gross motor skills involve the coordination of babies larger muscles including the legs, arms, and torso.

3. Sprout ware stacking cups- good for developing object performance. Object performance is the skill of recognizing things like toys or mom and dad still exist even if they are out of babies site.

4. Pop-Up Pals- good for developing cause and effect. Cause and effect is simply the ability for your baby understand that doing one thing results in something else happening.

Gifts for 12 month/ 1 year old Babies

By the time our babies reach the age of 1 year, they are either already walking or attempting to walk I believe that walking toys are the perfect gifts for this age. These types of toys allow baby to explore and learn the sense of independence.

1. A stroll and discover activity walker- Made by V tech, has a fully removable activity panel, so kids can hold onto the handle and push it along as they learn to walk, or they can sit in front of it while engaging with animals, piano keys and more.

2. kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Toddler and Baby Walker- It can typically be used much earlier than most walking toys, because it starts out as seated walker and converts into a standard walking toy.

3. Fisher-Price learn with me Zebra Walker- You can get this for your child as early as 6 months due to the fact they can sit in front of it and play as well. Once they begin to pull up, well they will be walking before you know it.

The perfect gift for the Toddler- 2 year old.

Most 2 year old are not picky about the gifts they receive. They enjoy playing with any and everything they can find. But some most liked gifts are things like:

1. A Mini Cooking Set: Get them their very own rolling pen and mixing spoons and let them join in while you are making dinner. They will really think they are helping you.

2. Little Times Easy Score Basketball Set: It may look challenging for a two-year old but once they learn how it is a good way to teach them to have patience.

3. Endushape Glow in the dark Sensory Ball- Two-year-old love to kick, so balls are just amazing. Big balls, little balls, any balls at all. This glow in the dark sensory ball is easy to hold and squish.

4. Plan Toddler Adjustable Easel- Kid’s love to paint the fold up easel is perfect for them to draw or paint on. The best thing is this is adjustable so it grows with your child, it will last them for a long time.

As we can see the perfect gifts for children come in all shapes and sizes.

Rather, it is clothes, rattlers, teething rings, or learning toys kids of all ages enjoy gifts. Parents of all kids enjoy giving their kids gifts. Birthday’s, Christmas, or not even a Holiday give a kid a gift and it’s a guaranteed Smile.

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  • Hi I enjoyed reading your article on Gifts For Baby Newborn 12 months – Unisex. A lot of helpful information. I think I will get my grandbaby The Perfect gift for the Toddler – 2 year old a mini cooking set. She loves to play with my cooking pans and bowls. I think this is a great gift and she will love it.
    Warm Wishes ~ Margaret

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