Everything You Need For Baby

          List of thing you need before Baby arrives!


      Here you will see a list of things that are essential to have before you bring your new bundle of joy home. It range from Diapers, to Crib, to Curtains. This is what I call the have to haves before baby arrives. Plus everything you need after arrival to the day you come home.


8 onsies both (short and long sleeve )

5 nightgowns ( for use until the babies cord falls off )

8 one piece stretchy sleepers ( go for the ones with zippers they’re much easier )

5 pairs of pants

2 newborn hats

8 pairs of socks or booties to wear with nightgowns and other

2 pairs of scratch mittens to keep baby from scratching itself ( I prefer the onesies that fold over the hands )

2 cardigans or jackets ( more for Winter time )

Bunting Bag or Snowsuit ( for Winter Baby )

Laundry Detergent for infants ( I prefer Dreft )

4 outfits for dressing up ( optional of course )


3 large cotton blankets

8 recieving blankets ( they make perfect burping cloths too )


If you are breastfeeding no equipment is necessary 

Some nursing Mothers like to have these it

Lots of Burp Cloths, Lots of Bibs, a Breast Pump

Milk storage containers 

6 bottles equiped with newborn nipples

Bottle Brush:

Nursing Bras, Nursing Pads for Bras

Lotion for sore nipple

If you are Formula Feeding

Lots of Bibs, Burp Cloths

8 4oz. Bottles  (with nipples)

6 8oz. Bottles (with nipples)

Formula ( be sure to check the expiration date and note the lot incase of recalls )

Thermal Bottle Carrier


If you are using – reusable cloth diapers

Several dozen ( 4 or 5 ) Cloth or reusable diapers

8 Waterproof Covers

1 Diaper Pail

Changing Pad

Diaper Rash Ointment ( I prefer Desitin )

Snaps, Velcro, or Diaper Pins( to secure diaper )Disposable wipes or several wash cloths ( for cleaning babies bottom )

If you are using Disposable Diapers

2 Boxes of  Newborn Diapers ( it’s better not to buy too many at one time in case your baby grows quickly )

1 Diaper Pail

Changing Pad

Diaper Rash Ointment ( for use on babies bottom to prevent rash )

Disposable Wipes or several Wash Cloths ( to clean babies bottom ) 

Bath Time:

One plastic Baby Bathtub

A couple dozen Baby Wash Cloths

Baby Soap ( I prefer Johnson and Johnson )

Two- Hooded Towels

One Soft Baby Brush

Baby Lotion ( again I prefer Johnson and Johnson )


If you are using a Crib:

Aproved Crib and Crib Matress

3 Waterproof Matress Covers

4 Fitted Crib Sheets

4 Light Weight Blankets that will fit in the Crib

One Sleep Sack

If you are co-sleeping:

A Firm Matress ( not a waterbed )

4 Fitted Crib Sheets

3 Waterproof Pads ( to put under baby )

Light Weight Comforter ( keep away from babies head )

Sleep Sack

Other Necessities:

One approved Craco Car Seat

Stroller that reclines so that Newborn can lie flat

8 Bulb Syringe to remove mucous

Baby Thermometer

Eye Dropper or Medicine Spoon

Medicine in case of fever

Nice-to-have items:

Changing Table

Rocking Chair for Feeding and Swaddling

Play Pen

Sling or Baby Carrier

Diaper Bag 

1-2 Change Pads

Plastic Hangers for Closet

Sun Shade for Car Window

4 Pacifiers ( if you choose to use them )

Rattles or other Baby Toys


Night Light

I hope this will be helpful to all of the New Mom’s to be. There are several different registars for your Baby Shower:  Walmart, Target, Sweet-and Sassy-Treats are just a few.

If there is anything I can help you with just let me know 

Best Wishes

Bonnie Noble













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  • Great list for baby needs, I remember when I became a parent for the first, the internet wasn’t around. I could have used all the help, but it’s here now for my grandchildren. So still can use the tips you have provided.

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