Christmas Is Right Around The Corner/Gift For Baby Or Mom & Dad

Gift For Baby or Mom & Dad

                           Well as we all know, Christmas is just around the corner…The baby will be here by then. You know if you don’t buy for the baby, it could possibly offend the parents. What do you get a newborn baby for Christmas? Of course you can buy diapers, blankets, outfits, bottles, etc. but will the baby know it has a Christmas present? No never the less go ahead and buy something an outfit baby’s first Christmas T-shirt (onesie).

                        I’m thinking lets get something amazing for the Mom and Dad. How about a keepsake that will last forever. I have several different ideas, I’m gonna just jot them down and maybe I will be able to decide once I look them over. I will also share with you.  1. Baby’s First Christmas Ornament. 2. A Baby book personalized with the Date of Birth, Weight, and Length. 3. Christmas Ornament with the sonogram on it+ Love At First Sight. 4. Personalized Announcement Coffee Mug w/Mom on hers, Dad on his.                                                               

                  Oh my goodness I could just go on and on. There is a website that goes by Personalizatin Mall they have some of the neatest ideas I believe I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure there is another one can’t recall the name of it right away but it is set up where you can create your own gift for Mom and Dad.  Make-a-boo is the name of the place. 

                    Christmas is my favorite time of year, I love to decorate my house my kid’s are all grown up now. They come every year and help Mom decorate the tree. I have an Ornament for each of them that has 1st. Christmas on it. The oldest one is 23 and every year I fear that it’s going to be broken when I open it. Bubble wrap does wonders.

                   MERRY CHRISTMAS                                                                                                                 Hope you all have as much fun reading this and searching for that perfect gift Hope   you all have as much fun reading this as I did writing it and searching for gifts of     my own.   


 If there is anything I can do for you please just let me know.                                      






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  • Hi,Bonnie, love your post and those gift ideas are great, I have never thought of that, giving the parents a gift to commemorate the birth of their child. Christmas is my favorite time of year too, I will be thinking about those ideas you gave in your post, Thanks for the post.

  • Hi Bonnie, great post. Getting Christmas stuff done early is a great idea so one can enjoy stressless Christmas. I love your idea of Christmas ornaments with sonogram in it. Very cute. It is on my buying list now for someone who can use it.
    Thank you for the great tips.

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